Amazing Musical Coloring

Amazing Musical Coloring introduces few unique concepts in coloring which makes the app both fun and educational. As opposed to just filling an empty area with solid colors, we provide tiles (various colors, textures, ornaments etc) which kids can use to color the picture. We can say with certainty that this app will keep them mesmerized for hours at a time.

Musical Coloring: It is as simple as choosing a tile and swiping a finger across the screen. As the finger moves on the screen, the tiles come flying by and fill up the picture. As the picture is being painted, synchronized musical notes play in the background thus creating a harmony of color and music which is an unique feature of Amazing Musical Coloring app. The app has a selection of four musical instruments, namely, piano, guitar, flute and drums. To re-paint the picture, one has to just select a new tile and swipe the screen once more. The old tiles fly back to the palette and the new ones fly to the screen. All this happens seamlessly while the musical notes are playing.

Spray Mode Painting: To make the app more fun, we have provided a “spray” mode which, when pressed, paints the scene automatically tile by tile. Since the tiles are chosen by the app itself, the end result is very unique and interesting.

Multiple Categories: We provide multiple categories of pictures to paint and we ensure that the painting experience is fun and it provides learning. The categories in the app are - Scenes, Animals. Birds, Rides, Alphabets and Empty Canvas.

Live Thumbnails: The main menu displays the thumbnails of the pictures for each of the categories. The thumbnails are “live” in the sense that they always show the status of the pictures and update themselves in the background. This is useful because it quickly shows which pictures remains to be finished (or updated).

Frame Reward: We have a very unique reward system which encourages the kids to complete the picture. When the picture is not colored, the frames on the thumbnails are wooden. As the picture is painted, the frames change to bronze, silver and eventually gold. The kids will strive to finish coloring the pictures so that he/she can get to the gold level for all the pictures.

We believe that Amazing Musical Coloring is really an unique app which takes advantage of all the features in iPad/iPhone to make coloring a real fun tasks for kids. Hey, as an adult, you can enjoy it too. You just need to find the child within yourself!